Officers and Board of Directors

President: John Young, Young Farms, 5028 E Landersdale Road, Mooresville, IN 46158. Phone: 317-752-0559.

Vice-President: Mike Roney, Tuttle Orchards, 5717 N. 300 W.
Greenfield, IN 47281. Phone: 317-326-2278.

Secretary: Norman Conde, Melon Acres, P.O. Box 198, Oaktown, IN 47561.  Phone: 812-745-2807

Treasurer: Mike Horrall, Melon Acres, P.O. Box 198, Oaktown, IN 47561. Phone: 812-745-2807.

Board of Directors: James Book, Ed Burek, Greg Cox, Brian Garwood, Jim Hawbaker, Jody Herr,  Tom Kercher, Ken McCammon, Jim Paarlberg, Dean Stumler, Curt Utterback, Mike Vargo

Contact information for officers and board members (pdf)