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Research Supported by IVGA

2017: Supporting the Vegetable Industry Success: Marketing Tools for Farm Decision-Making, by A. Torres, Purdue Depts. of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Economics.

2015: Determining the efficacy of a red yeast, Sporobolomyces pararoseus, as a biological control agent on leafy greens and tomato, by A.J. Deering and M.C. Aime, Purdue Depts. of Food Science and Botany and Plant Pathology (report)

2015: Certification of a GAPs Trainer for Delivery of Produce Food Safety Training, J.S. Monroe, Purdue Extension (report)

2014: Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes Naturally Present on Commercial Cantaloupe Seeds, A.J. Deering, H.F. Oliver and R.E. Pruitt, Purdue Food Science and Botany and Plant Pathology (report)

2014: Neonicotinoid Impact on Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) in Cantaloupe Production, K. Nixon and R. Foster, Purdue Entomology (report)

2013: Listeria monocytogenes Persistence and Movement in Cantaloupe Plants and Fruit, H.F. Oliver and A.J. Deering, Purdue Food Science (report)

2012: Tillage and Cover Crop Effects on Beneficial Insect Larvae, C. Blubaugh and I. Kaplan, Purdue Entomology (report)

2012: A Search for Weedy Sources of Virus Infection in Indiana Cucurbits, G. Angelella and I. Kaplan, Purdue Entomology (report)