IVGA Supports Purdue Project to Collect Farmers Market Prices

The Indiana Vegetable Growers Association has awarded Dr. Ariana Torres of Purdue $1,000 for the project ‘Supporting the Vegetable Industry Success: Marketing Tools for Farm Decision-Making.’ Dr. Torres will collect prices and product availability at selected farmers markets in Indiana and generate weekly reports that will be available at the Purdue Horticulture Business Extension program website: www.hort.purdue.edu/hortbusiness.

Reports of Funded Projects Now Available

Reports of projects supported in 2015 have been received and are available online here. The work of A.J. Deering and M.C. Aime showed that red yeast could reduce or inhibit growth of Salmonella or E. coli on lettuce leaves and the yeast may have potential as a biocontrol agent. J. Monroe completed the two-day training required to become an approved trainer for the FSMA produce safety curriculum and plans to become fully certified as a lead trainer when the certification process is finalized. (2/13/2016)

Annual Election of Board Members and Officers

On January 20, 2016 at the annual membership meeting, officers and board members were elected. John Young was elected President, James Book re-elected as Vice-president, and Michael Horrall re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer. Board members Tom Kercher, Vernon Stuckwish, and Curt Utterback were re-elected and new board member William Harriman was elected to serve through the annual meeting in 2019. Outgoing President John Hilger was elected to fill John Young’s position on the board. (2/13/2016)